Khelo Rugby Coach Nanda

Hello my name is Nanda.

I have been playing rugby for 5 years with the Jungle Crows rugby team.  I have played with India team and Bengal team. I like playing flanker in 15s and hooker in 7s and I like making tackles.

I have been coaching with Khelo Rugby now for 2 years.  I like playing with the small kids and go to 5 Khelo communities each week regularly.  I am from village outside Kolkata and live with my mum and dad and 2 brothers.

I am a rugby player and want to develop rugby everywhere, I want all the children to know rugby.  Rugby is a tough game that makes you strong, you don’t have to be strong to start but it will make you strong.

On the way to a Khelo Rugby session

On the way to a Khelo Rugby session

Rugby has team spirit, in life everyone thinking about own self but in the game you have to think about everyone.  If you think about someone else when playing, then when the children grow up they think about helping other people, helping in family and with other families.

For future I want rugby to get bigger in India and internationally so all the children can play khelo rugby together and know about rugby.


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