Interview with a Tiger!

Coach Tiger is one of Khelo Rugby’s Community Coaches………

KheloKhelo: So tell us Coach Tiger, you had a tournament Sunday, how was that?

Tiger: Good…great…all the boys and girls were smiling after the tournament which was great for us.

KheloKhelo: Don’t be shy Coach, tell us how many teams played and how many were coached by you?

Tiger: Eight teams played and I normally take the coaching of two of them Nawab Ali Park and Hyde Road, but also coach some of the other teams at times.

KheloKhelo: And how did your teams get on?

Tiger: One team playing very good – Hyde Road because they do very good practice and do lots of hard work in their practice no joking around. Nawab Ali joke around too much and don’t get chance to practice so much, only on a Sunday but they played well.

KheloKhelo: Which team won and who was there Coach?

Tiger: Salt Lake Dhapa who are coached by Ajay and Nanda.  They playing very well and 2-3 boys are very fast and have good sense how to play tag match.  And they never give up always playing playing that’s why they won.

KheloKhelo: So there was a theme on Sunday – Soap – tell us more about that?

Tiger: Using Soap to wash hands before eating, after toilet and after any practice cricket, football anything is good.  Before eating specially important because so many germs get on your hands and soap is good for cleaning up.  We gave every child a bar of soap at the end which they can use at home.

KheloKhelo: The tournament was special for another reason can you tell us more about that?

Tiger: Emma’s Cup.  Emma doing so many things for kids and especially Jungle Crows kids, she is very good.  Emma loves all the kids and she is going away from India so we wanted to say thank you.

KheloKhelo: Tiger, we also want to mention that you are one of the top players in Calcutta, what are your own rugby ambitions?

Tiger: First is Jungle Crows, they make me as a good rugby player and give me so many supports so everything for me is Jungle Crows they gave me the opportunity.  So first is to win and play Jungle Crows. I would also like to play abroad but I have problems with my birth certificate which we lost in floods so taking time to get my passport. I have played for India which was great but won’t be able to play this June in Asian 5 Nations as their games are abroad.

KheloKhelo: So finally Tiger you have any message for the small kids playing and taking up rugby?

Tiger: Keep playing tag rugby when little and then as they get older come to the Jungle Crows Academy.  The Academy is good to encourage the players. Play hard but fair always, remember rugby is team game and you all have to play together.


1 thought on “Interview with a Tiger!

  1. Dear Tiger and Khelo Rugby

    Thank you for the fantastic event, I had an amazing day with the coaches and children from the Khelo Project and Battanagar. It was great that the tournament was combined with the hygiene message of using soap regularly.

    I am here in India for a few more weeks, but this has to be a highlight of my 3 years being in Kolkata. And I will miss my weekly Sunday visits to meet the children and encouraging them to continue with their rugby.

    I very much hope to be back in Kolkata within the next 12 months, perhaps to see another Khelo Tournament. Keep up the good work of working in the Khelo Project, you are all doing a great job and making a difference to many yound lives.


    Emma x

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